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Heel Spurs – Plantar Fasciitis

Whenever you jump or take a step, the toes are bent, the foot arch (Plantar Fascian) tenses and the longitudinal arch of the foot is stabilized. The stretched arch plate is also tightened, and therefore susceptible to injury. Due to the potency of the motion, a rupture may result in the base of the short flexor muscle of the toes and the arch of the foot (Plantar Fascian). Plantar fasciitis can also develop as a result of sharp turns that put heavy pressure on the tissue of the soles of the feet, as well as a result of excessive strain. In more chronic injuries, inflammation and the formation of scar tissue are common. In Plantar fasciitis (heel spurs), the pain can either come on suddenly or gradually and often begins on the inside of the front of the heel. The pain may extend toward the center of the longitudinal arch and continue toward the back of the ankle. The first sign is often pain upon first walking in the morning or after rest. Pain is also common when tiptoeing or walking on heels. Local tenderness to pressure, and sometimes swelling on the inside or underside of the heel bone where the arch plate attaches, may also be felt. The hamstring is often tense at the same time.
It is initially a strain injury, most common for high-arched feet where a progressively heavier load is placed on the tendon ski. People between the ages of 40 and 60 are the most affected, as well as athletes with excessive pronation. This is due to the arch of the foot growing tense and the toes spreading as a result of the pronation exposing the arch of the foot to increased traction. Repeated exercise in inadequate shoes is another possible cause.

Ortolab insoles:

The shock-absorbing material and the front foot pad dynamically support and reduce impacts along the entire foot, especially the longitudinal and front arch. In this way, it reduces the load where the Plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone. Our top-of-the-line Ortolab HGP Individ model offers extra shock absorption and our orthopedic technicians can customize them to provide relief at the pain point.

Where can I buy your products?

For our custom-fitted insoles, see the menu “Fitting” at the top of the page. You can order Ortolab AFS in our shop.