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As close to custom insoles as you can get.


ESD certified och Antistatic.

Choose between three different arch heights.
Available in two different thicknesses.
ORTOLAB AFS WORKS fits in work/safety shoes, meets ESD requirements and is Antistatic. ORTOLAB AFS WORKS provides dynamic support to the arch of the foot, thus enhancing the foot’s own shock absorption without restricting the natural movement of the arch. The insole can prevent various strain injuries and also increases comfort. ORTOLAB AFS WORKS is available with three different arch heights: High, Normal, and Low. It features a metatarsal pad “forefoot cushion” as support for the front arch. Ortolab Arch Flex Works is based on our previous world patent. Manufactured in two different thicknesses: Plus+ fits most work/safety shoes with a removable insole or in shoes with ample space and provides very good shock absorption. Slim for work/safety shoes with less space.


Ortolab AFS provides the foot arch with dynamic support, thus strengthening the foot’s own shock absorption without inhibiting the arch’s natural movement. The insoles can prevent various strain injuries while also increasing comfort. They fit most shoes and are suited for all activities.

Three different foot arch heights

Ortolab AFS is available in three different foot arch heights: high, normal and low. The insoles have front foot pads to support the front foot arch. Ortolab Arch Flex System is based on our recognized world patent.

Two different thicknesses

Comes in two different thicknesses: Slim for tighter shoes, and Plus +, with extra shock absorption.

How high are your arches?
  1. Soak and fold a towel. Put it on the floor.
  2. Stand on the towel and move your foot to the floor.
  3. Your footprint should now be visible. Compare with the image/video and choose between low, normal or high arches when placing your order.

Who can benefit?

Whether you are exercising, standing or walking a lot at work or an elite athlete, the insoles provide the right support and cushioning exactly where needed. They reduce the risk of injury, increase your stamina and give your feet a more comfortable life. Ortolab AFS insoles are suitable for everyone, not just people with troubled feet.

Three advantages!

For the Transverse (Frontal) Arch:

The teardrop-shaped metatarsal pad provides dynamic support to the front arch. It maximizes comfort and prevents collapsed arches. Initially, it might feel a bit unusual, but once you get used to the “little cushion” placed under the front arch, you will truly appreciate it. You receive wonderful support in the middle of the step when the entire body weight rests on the foot.

For the Longitudinal Arch:

A resilient TPU layer in three different heights (low, normal, and high) to suit all types of feet. It absorbs shocks and returns energy. The dynamics of the insole help the arches regain their natural shape.

For the Heel:

The anatomical heel cup with solid edges compresses the foot’s natural fat pad under the heel bone and maximizes shock absorption. Extra cushioning under the heel provides a delightful trampoline effect.