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Advanced technology, orthopedic know-how, unique materials, solid craftsmanship. Our recipe for success.

Our story

Qualified craftsmanship combined with advanced technology

Unique materials

Highly talented employees

Extremely satisfied customers and patients

Knowledge and research

They are fantastic. I've used other insole brands before which have sometimes caused further issues, but with the Ortolab insoles I've only had positive experiences.

Satisfied Ortolab user

At least 15,000 steps every day for three years. I credit my Ortolab insoles with my feet never giving me any grief over this period.

Active woman

The insoles help immensely, and are a joy to use besides. Now that I'm retired, they allow me to take long and wonderful walks without any hassle.

Satisfied senior

I have always lived an active life, and thanks to my insoles I've been able to maintain this lifestyle even after my whiplash injury. I simply can't do without them.

Woman with whiplash injury

I always use Ortolab insoles when exercising. After two bouts with ACL injuries and arthritis of the knees, the insoles are extremely important to me. They allow me to be physically active without pain.

Man with arthritis in the knees

I spend a large part of my working hours treading on hard floors. Because of this, Ortolab insoles are a must in my safety shoes. They are very comfortable and gentle on my feet and back.

Woman who works on hard floors

Ortolab insoles are a godsend for my sensitive Achilles tendons.

Woman with Achilles tendon issues

What a difference! I don't just see how good they are for you. I feel it in my back and neck.

Grateful woman

I am very pleased that my ITBS did not bother me at all for 10 km.


I bought mine after a stress fracture 10 years ago. They are heavenly. I keep them in all my shoes at all times.

Man with stress fracture

My heel spurs improved and are kept in check thanks to my molded insoles. The insoles allow me to continue training without worrying about sustaining further injury.

57 years old with heel spurs