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Top of the line


For more than 20 years, Ortolab has provided this premium model of fully moulded orthopedic insoles for hundreds of thousands of satisfied users. The HGP Individ is designed to help people with various foot problems, such as strain/sports injuries. But it is also an excellent choice for anyone who simply wants the greatest comfort and feeling possible with a pair of insoles.



If you want fully individually moulded insoles, we offer Ortolab Individual. We create a model of your feet with a 3D iPad scanner. After this, the scans are transmitted electronically to our production in Norrland. The insoles are moulded to your feet by Ortolab’s orthopedic technicians. After a week they are ready for delivery.

A little simpler, a little cheaper


Ortolab AFS provides the foot arch with dynamic support and thus strengthens the foot’s own shock absorption without inhibiting the natural movement of the arch. The insoles help prevent various strain injuries while also increasing comfort. They fit in most shoes and can be used for all activities. Ortolab AFS comes with three different foot arch heights: high, normal and low. It has a dynamic pad to support the front foot arch. The Ortolab Arch Flex System is based on our internationally patented solutions. Available in two different sizes: Slim for tighter shoes and Plus+, which offers extra shock absorption.

For all feet

Let your feet get used to their new friends.

As you start using your new insoles, they may feel a little unfamiliar at first. This is perfectly natural. For most people, the insoles feel comfortable after just a few minutes, while others may need some time to get used to them.

How to take care of your insoles.

Take good care of the insoles and you will enjoy them for a long time, as they are made to last. If your shoes get damp or wet, remove the insoles. Let them dry at room temperature. You can rinse your insoles and hand wash them with liquid detergent. This improves durability and hygiene. NOTE! Do not use a washing machine or dryer.

Fits most types of shoes.

The insoles can be moved between different types of shoes. If there is a separate insole, remove it first.