Ortolab AFS insoles provide the foot arch with dynamic support and thus strengthen the foot’s own shock absorption without locking the arch’s natural movement. The insoles can prevent various strain injuries while also increasing comfort. They fit most shoes and are suited for all activities. Ortolab AFS is available in three different foot arch heights: high, normal and low. It has a front foot pad to support the front foot arch. Suited for people with high foot arches. Available in two different thicknesses, of which Slim is for shoes with less space.


Ortolab AFS SLIM

For less spacious shoes.

Ortolab AFS SLIM is a thinner version of our insoles. Thanks to their slimmer size, they fit everything from soccer- and running shoes to sneakers and other small and tight shoes. The insoles provide the same robust support as PLUS+ but in a thinner size.

Additional information

Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 30 cm

US 4/36, US 5/37, US 6/38-39, US 7/40, US 8/41, US 9/42-43, US 10/44, US 11/45, US 12/46, US 13/47